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Corporate Information / Who is Pobusan?

Pobusan is tradition and technology. What makes Pobusan different from the other is that Pobusan assimilated sincerity and corporation. Each Pobusan employee has this conscious and act accordingly and they all give the same answer when asked.:

We move on the roads of our country from east to west, 4 seasons by our own value of past experiences and traditional customer dialog. From our service mechanic to retailer, to our wholesaler, we are acting like a family without demoralizing and we struggle to be “the best” in the sector with honor. We are not satisfied with the boundaries of our country for our brand and we bear our brand to all over the world. That is why we are Pobusan from our managers to employees!

Pobusan was founded in 1983 in Istanbul, a city famous with its seven hills and historical background, connected to every part of world directly, where Turkish economy and world economy hear is beating, the biggest and most modern city of our country. Pobusan started its production activities with repair kits and then followed by clutch disc, clutch cover, clutch release bearing and clutch kit and as a result it has already been a brand.

The official name of the company was Pobusan Automotive during the first days. Then, the company adopted the clutch parts as principle product and has started the use of high technology of production engineering. Pobusan has always kept an eye on the market through regular visits to customers and this has resulted in better quality. That is why Pobusan is in a position to satisfy clutch requirements of vehicle manufacturers by means of this past experience. This advantage of Pobusan made its brand not only domestically but also internationally desired brand.

Due to the main principles “not to satisfy with existent”, Pobusan always try to provide with better in the market. The name of the company changed to Pobusan Clutch Industry Ltd. And moved to its current location in Beylikdüzü area, with a total area of 7000 sqm of which 5000 sqm is covered area.

October 2006 was one of the important turning points of Pobusan. One of the founder members Mr. Mahmut Zeki Polat took over all the shares of the company from the other members and now the company has one shareholder.

With the enthusiasm caused by this take over, Pobusan’s target is the continue its brand with the leading position in the market, without any concession on the quality, always updating itself by R&D studies and keeps growing.

Pobusan has ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System by BVQI and Turkish Standards Institute certificate TSE. The next target is to obtain ISO TS 16949 and works towards this end.

The most important and main principle of Pobusan is “Customer Satisfaction”. This satisfaction circle starts with raw material suppliers. Starting from the engineers designing the products, the foreman shaping it and the satisfaction of the employees, distributors in the market and the end users, each circle satisfaction should be met. The main target is to grow with these Pobusan values without concessions and contributing to our and world economies.

Our Mission;
Our mission is
-To supply with the clutch sets, clutch covers, clutch discs and clutch release bearings that are satisfying the optimum expectations of the automotive sector for light and heavy commercial vehicles, to have identical clutch parts with originals and to become a strong brand in the market desired by the OEM market as well.

Our Vision;
Our vision is to make Pobusan brand such a brand that is producing clutches in accordance with European quality and class criteria, to market this brand to domestic and international markets, to satisfy automotive manufacturers need for original equipment, trustworthy, brand awareness, customer satisfied and by cooperation of each unit of the company to reach Total Quality.


The most important values differentiating Pobusan from the others;

The corporate color is ORANGE which gives positive life energy and the most distinguished color.

Market Dominance. We know our country land as we visit each corner of it by our sales team and we know world countries very well and we analyze the preferences of the mechanics using our product and we analyze the preferences of each consumption units.

Traditionalism. The traditional Anatolian trade understanding merged with honesty trustworthiness, with Pobusan brand and the employees.

Educationalist. Never satisfied with the existent and always support innovative approaches, conducts trainings to increase technical and behavioral capacities thus resulting in the loyalty of both employees and the customers.

Technology. Supports its values by using advanced technologies, tries to do its best to produce the best. With all these superiorities, always on the world and Turkish roads…

Quality Policy;
In accordance with Pobusan’s vision, it is our aim to develop, produce and sell the products that are good quality, easy to purchase, satisfying customers’ expectations, using developing and updated technologies.

We provide our documentations of our Quality Management System to meet international ISO 9001 standards.

We support creative and innovative approaches, conduct trainings to increase technical and behavioral capacities, we increase long run loyalty of our employees and our customers.

Throughout all the processes from management system to our suppliers and to our customers, we abide by the European class criteria, we revise our process to criticize our actions, then we define new approaches and perform them to increase our performance.

Taking into account the philosophy of Total Quality, the company and the departments work hard to reach aims, we provide with growth and development in our target markets.

In accordance with continuous betterment approach and take into account the studies that are based on data, keeping in mind the “Unconditional Customer Satisfaction”, we increase the productivity in all our departments and reach excellence to be able to compete in international markets.

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